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About Our Custom Shirts

The perfect shirt can be created thanks to the experience, the human capital and the facilities that we have. At BSPK Shoes & Clothing Co., our factory in Spain is making men’s shirts for more than 25 years, so we can offer to our clients quality shirts Made in Spain.

The perfect shirt Custom-Made

"The key to make a good shirt is the pattern, which is determining on the final result. At BSPK Shoes & Clothing Co, the shirt’s pattern can be individually selected by the client as well as the collar, the buttons and every single detail on the shirt to have a complete custom shirt. We make it from twelve fundamental measurements that determine the good work of the shirting tradition. You can measure yourself with a little help as you will see in the videos and photos, or you can measure your favorite shirt that fits you the way you like, as you will also see in the videos and photos we have in our “Shirts measurement guide

Accurate Quality Production

Our production methods combine the most last-branded technology with the traditional shirt making proceedings. The shirt is made using computer generated patterns, computerized production controls and a personal supervision of all the details: right stitching, stripes and checks fitting, stitching size, distance among buttons, etc.

Personal Style. A great range of options.

Everything you look for the “unique” shirt, or if you try to make your own version of a classic, we make it possible offering an endless stream of options:

- We have a large catalogue including more than 25 collars (Shirt collars: different models that we can produce for you)

- 10 cuffs (Shirt cuffs for the different styles.

- Many fabric options (Quality fabrics to produce shirts for men) like buttoned placket, sleeve placket, bottom, pocket… the combinations are endless.

Large range of fabrics.

Over the years our factory in Spain turned into experts concerning fabrics. We work directly with the best and the greatest fabrics in the world like Cotonificio Albini, Thomas Mason, Canclini 1925, Loro Piana, Liberty, Söktas, Sidogras, Java Textil… having more than 600 references in stock and catalogues exclusively created for BSPK Shoes & Clothing Co.