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What countries do you deliver to?

We ship worldwide using UPS and DHL; however, specific regions and territories might not be covered.
Please, refer to the checkout form for a full list of available destination countries and territories.

Can I track the status of my orders?

Yes. Dispatched orders on your main order pool will display specific tracking URLs, that you can use to track the parcel online.

What is the transit time?

Once the order is ready to be shipped, we will usually pack and process the shipment in 24-48h. Your pair will be shipped from our factories in Spain. Transit time depends on your delivery address. Most of the orders are delivered in about 1-4 days.

Can I cancel an order that has been launched to production?

Yes, you can cancel MTO orders, however, depending on the timing of your request, you might incur on a cancellation fee. See Return & Cancelation Policy.

Can I return an order because I don't like it or because I've changed my mind?

Understandably, each of our MTO orders are produced strictly following customer's instructions, therefore returns are not permitted. During checkout of your order, you agree with our production terms.

Why the color/material of the shoes I received do not look identical to the one displayed on the 3D-Tool?

We have tried hard to illustrate our products on the internet with images that are as true to life as possible, both in terms of color and finish. However, the products may still appear in different tones depending on the screen or monitor used to access our online shop, and many other factors. The product images and textures on our interfaces are for visualization only.

How are the shoes made?

BSPK Shoes Co. footwear is constructed using a traditional handcrafted way, guaranteeing the wearer a natural, long-lasting, and comfortable shoe with an excellent fit and good design. This is why all BSPK Shoes are made using Good Year or Blake construction technique and natural materials such as hides, treated leather, and cotton.

Where are the shoes made?

BSPK Shoes are made in Almansa (Spain), Spanish historical well-known area for handcraft luxury footwear, by the skilled hands of artisans who have produced footwear for generations. All stages of production are carried out by the same company, giving us full control over each step, and guaranteeing an excellent quality & "Made in Spain" product.

How should I care for my shoes?

Never wear the same pair of shoes for two consecutive days. Keep your shoes in their wooden lasts – this helps them dry out and prevents wrinkles. Always clean your shoes with a cotton cloth then shine them with a wax-based polish, brushing vigorously and removing excess shine with a clean cotton cloth.

What materials are used?

All leathers used for BSPK Shoes footwear collection have been carefully selected from Spanish suppliers and must comply with rigorous quality standards.

Size. What sizes are available?

Sizes go from US 6 to US 17 (EU 36 to EU 50) including half sizes. See Size-Chart on each product.

How do I find the right size?

We recommend using our FeetSizr app with an easy 2-minute way and for a perfect fit, or you can use our conversion table, since we also offer half sizes with a difference of only 3 mm between them, so you can confidently choose the size that best fits your foot. See Size-Chart on each product.

The shoes don't fit me properly

We are very sorry that your shoes do not fit you well and we will be happy to help you solve the problem.
If the shoes are to lose, we suggest that you try resolving the problem by inserting an insole, we provide you with 2 insoles with each pair of shoes when you use the app FeetSizr to do the fitting, this simple trick often helps you to regain as much as a half size. If they come too narrow, you can take them to a reliable cobbler, who can widen them with the use of a special last. Also, in this case it’s possible to recover up to half a size. In this case we at BSPK Shoes Co. will be happy to give you a site credit up to $15 to spend on your next order. Just email us the receipt of your cobbler to Customer Service email address: info@bspkshoes.com Even if every BSPK Shoes pair of shoes is backed by our 100% perfect size guarantee, using the FeetSizr app or our size chart, so you can be assure that your shoe is made in the correct size, in case the size is not fitting you and you couldn’t solve the problem with the tips explained before, we will remake your shoes a size up or down, subject to availability, and only in the same design, width, color and material of the original purchase, with a $100 fee for this service to cover components and shipping both ways.
 We also will be sending you 2x $50 site credits that you can use for 2 future orders.