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Our Heritage

Design Your Style

BSPK Shoes & Clothing Co. is a luxury footwear and clothing brand inspired by the heritage of Spain and committed to the finest handmade craftsmanship. Created for men that want to express their personal style, our 3-D design platform allows you to customize every aspect of your shoe or garment, from the materials and colors to the smallest details.

Made to Order

Each item you design with BSPK Shoes & Clothing Co. is individually produced by some of the world’s most experienced craftsmen, creating a perfect blend of time-honored artistry, modern design, and personal taste. Our custom shoes are handcrafted to your exact specifications in our factory in Spain, the same facility that produces footwear for some of the largest international luxury brands today. These premier Spanish cobblers are specially trained in mastering the complex construction and finishing of more than 75 shoe styles, from classic oxfords to contemporary cupsole sneakers. Combining cutting-edge technology with decades of experience, our Spanish shirting factory works directly with some of the oldest and most revered textile mills in Europe. Each custom shirt can be designed from more than 25 collar styles, 10 cuffs and a range of details to design a personalized look for any occasion and style.

Visit Us By Appointment

If you prefer to work directly with us in person, we also offer consultations in our atelier in Greenwich, Connecticut. Experience the styles and materials up close, identify your correct size and fit, and find inspiration for your custom design all with the help of our specialists.

To book an appointment, contact us at hola@bspkshoes.com or 917.251.0332.


Meet the Founder

A passionate entrepreneur in the worlds of fashion and interior design, Federico Martin founded his first business at age 21, opening a shoe store in his hometown of Toledo, Spain. He later expanded to offer custom shirts and suits produced by some of Europe’s most prestigious factories. Moving to the New York City area, Federico founded a custom kitchen and bath business in 2010 that offers clients access to the finest European craftsmanship. Now, Federico brings his experience and passion to BSPK Shoes & Clothing Co., combining his love for fashion with an intuition for artisanship and bespoke client experiences.