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Our Services

We offer 3 different ways to find the perfect shoe for your style, fit, and occasion depending on your timeline and the level of customization you desire.

1. Design Your Style

Use our 3-D design platform to select from 75+ shoe styles and 300+ materials to create your custom shoes, which are handcrafted in 4 weeks and shipped to your home in 5-7 days.

2. Design Your Style: Express Order

Want it faster? With Express Order you can design from 19 shoe styles in a focused selection of materials and colors, which we produce in 7 days and ship to your home in 5-7 days.

3. Buy Our Design

Already like what you see? Choose from our pre-designed styles, which we handcraft to your custom size in 4 weeks and ship to your home in 5-7 days.



Luxury Materials + Artisan Construction

We partner with the leading suppliers in Spain to provide you with the highest-quality luxury materials, from hand-painted leathers and embossed finishes to sartorial fabrics. Each material is sourced locally in Spain, honoring our region’s long heritage of leather production and ensuring results that will endure in quality and style.

Your custom design is then handcrafted by our expert Spanish cobblers, who employ two methods of shoe construction: Goodyear Welting and Blake Stitch. Both offer their own advantages and define how the sole is stitched to the upper.

Goodyear Welt

The most traditional method for crafting men’s dress shoes, Goodyear Welting has been associated with excellence and superior workmanship for more than 150 years. The process involves dozens of craftsmen and over 100 individual phases to complete each pair. Goodyear Welting is highly valued for its ability to last a lifetime with the proper care.

Blake Stitch

Considered a softer construction, Blake Stitching is a process in which the upper is sewn directly to the sole – resulting in a more flexible feel compared to Goodyear Welting, which requires more time to conform to the shape of the foot.